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Sweet Jane

Both versions of this song have their merits, and they're so totally different in tone that it's tough to compare them. I am curious to see how the cover and original stack up in public opinion.

- Jane, Berkeley, CA, United States, 04.02.2006

Cowboy Junkies


The Velvet Underground

CD-Cover: Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Session 54.7 % 45.3 % CD-Cover: The Velvet Underground - Loaded
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Cowboy Junkies 786 Votes The Velvet Underground

Comments about Sweet Jane:

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The Cowboy Junkies version has a hauntingly beautiful vocal. I like theirs better than Reed's Loaded version. Reed had other versions, however, that were similarly contemplative. Ultimately, he comes across as more heartfelt in these versions. Both are wonderful renditions of one of the truly great rock songs.
- Bruce, Wilmington, United States, 22.12.2007
I do have to say that Lou Reed rocks in the Velvet Underground, and the song does still rock, though the Cowboy Junkies' version enchants me, it's her voice that does it for me, i think that's why i prefer the junkies version. alot of the rest of Reed's stuff tends to depress me
- The Dude, North From There, United States, 13.12.2007
Greatest cover song ever, in my opinion. They didn't even have to cover it but they did and it's worth it.
- Brendan, Olympia, United States, 11.10.2007
Sometimes a band or artist can make a song their own by doing a cover. Just look at Johnny Cash's version of NIN's Hurt. The Junkies transformed an already fantastic song into something different, something slow, haunting and beautiful. Both versions are great and both deserve listening. I think which you prefer depends more on your personality or the mood you are in. For me, the Junkies version gets the nod because it affects me more emotionally.
- Joanne, New York, United States, 29.04.2007
Yeah the Cj version is 'sweet', but gotta go with the original...covers are just covers after all.
- Sean, Miami, United States, 29.01.2007
The Velvet rule, but this cover's too good.
- Peter, Gelrode, Belgium, 17.09.2006
lou reed himself said he likes the junkies' version better
- ryan, all over, United States, 30.08.2006
Lou reed and the underground own it and the cowboy junkies don't compare in the least....please don't disgrace music anymore and vote for VU - A, the results should not even be close B, VU should be ahead
- Sean, Everywhere, United States, 08.08.2006
There is no comparison for me. The Velvet Underground's original is far better.
- Saul Hudson, Beverly Hills, United States, 31.07.2006
Let's face it, the Velvets always rule, but I gave my vote to the Cowboy Junkies anyway. Simply, I enjoy it more.
- Ken, Milano, Italy, 19.05.2006
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