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The Boys Of Summer

Very similar songs. Both are great.

- Craig B., Freeport, IL, United States, 05.02.2006

The Ataris


Don Henley

CD-Cover: The Ataris - So Long, Astoria 48.5 % 51.5 % CD-Cover: Don Henley - Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits
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Comments about The Boys Of Summer:

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The Ataris do a solid cover, but I still prefer Henley's version.
- Jack, Baltimore, United States, 02.01.2008
The prefer the Henley version, its more musical, and he sings it perfectly.
Henley wrote the lyrics in his car, listening to the tape that Mike Campbell (I think) made for him, then he had them try it in a different key, which is what they used for the album.
The beat makes it sound fast paced, but Henley sings it slow and the guitars give it an atmospheric sound, rather than this chunky downpicking pop-punk stuff.
- Chris, Moberly, United States, 05.08.2007
To tell you the truth I have never heard the Ataris version until now, but i'm a huge Don Henley/Eagles fan, so it went to Don
- Bruce, Canton, United States, 31.01.2007
No comparison. This is like asking if I prefer Hotel California by the Eagles or some version by dying geese in the snow.
- Vynson, Cleveland, OH, United States, 09.12.2006
Ataris much livlier, but all credit to don henley for writing it, not much between em but its ataris for me
- Mike, London, England, 07.07.2006
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