Cover vs. Original

Sympathy for the Devil

Props go to the Stones for penning this, but Perry and band perform it with far deeper passion!

- Joe Cicman, Columbus, OH, United States, 05.02.2006

Jane's Addiction


Rolling Stones

CD-Cover: Jane's Addiction - Jane's Addiction [LIVE] 33.5 % 66.5 % CD-Cover: Rolling Stones - Beggar's Banquet
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Jane's Addiction 831 Votes Rolling Stones

Comments about Sympathy for the Devil:

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hey,fuck for you all who voted for that geriatric bunch.
now we've heard,see,smelled them,and they can jump in the pit.
good riddens,time for something fresh and wonderfull,really
shocking,kinky,satanic en spiritualistic.up with jane!
- madonnatella, schiedam, Netherlands, 14.02.2008
For those about to vote for jane's-something...

shame on you all!!!!!!switch your computer off and go to hell

- Marco, BI, Italy, 25.08.2007
Well I acutally enjoy the Neptunes' pseudo-cover/remix very much, they just added some beats and kept the spirit of the original, including the voice. Listen to this one, even as a rockhead you're gonna like it, i promise.
- Jim Crow, Karlsruhe, Germany, 07.11.2006
People voted for wailing over the Stones' classic?

Oh, the shame.
- Alex, London, England, 05.09.2006
Where is the cover by Guns n' Roses? It is very good too.
- Mark Jakob, Munich, Germany, 26.07.2006
Best cover version is by Bryan Ferry on THESE FOOLISH THINGS. But the Stones' original still rules.
- Pasquale, Hoboken, United States, 06.04.2006
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