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Admittedly Rufus Wainwright's cover was the first version of the song I heard, but it holds as my favorite. Wainwright's vocals fit the song better and bring more emotion to the song than Cohen's.

- Jessica, St. Charles, United States, 06.02.2006

Rufus Wainwright


Leonard Cohen

CD-Cover: Rufus Wainwright - Shrek Original Soundtrack 61.8 % 38.2 % CD-Cover: Leonard Cohen - Various Positions
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Rufus loses points by covering John Cale's version of this song - a pointless exercise.
- Adam, Glasgow, Scotland, 10.04.2007
i think that the rufus one is way better. like i agree w/ some ppl, it brings waaay more emotion to the song. way better.
- LaLa, Tellytubbies, Finland, 26.02.2007
The version actually used in Shrek ws by John Cale and is arguably the version that both Rufus Wainwright and Jeff Buckley based there versions on. Well worth checking out!
- Ian, Oxford, England, 16.02.2007
I love the version by Rufus Wainwright. Of course, everyone's taste in music styles differs so not everyone will agree on a single version.
- Nowen, Justin, United States, 30.12.2006
Indeed the Rufus COver is the cover of a cover. And to be honest anyone who can't see the genius behn Cohen or thinks that he doesn't stir enough emotionould just go out and listen to some real music.
- Razyus, Stockport, England, 11.10.2006
Actually!! Have a listen to the version on 'I'm Your Fan' performed by John Cale in 1991. When I first heard the Shrek soundtrack I assumed It was the same recording with a Pseudonym it's so much the same. My theory: They couldn't get the rights from John Cale so they got Rufus to Copy it verbatim. Same arrangement - same interpretation. And makes Buckley's version seem sappy and syrupy (IMHO ;)
- Hammers, Sunshine Coast, Australia, 06.10.2006
Wainwright's version is beautiful whereas Cohen's is simply awful! Wainwright manages to stir emotion.
- Charlie, Durham, England, 30.08.2006
I just think that Rufus doesn't even compare to Leonard. Really I just don't like Wainwright's style.
- Dustin Hill, Oklahoma city, United States, 08.08.2006
Actually, the rufus wainwright version is an exact copy of Jeff Buckley's version from '94. Listen to that one. You might find that you prefer the "original" cover rather than this cover of a cover.
- V-man, Singapore, Singapore, 17.05.2006
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