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American Woman

The cover version of this song is so whacked out and unusual that the only hint that this is a remake can be found in the drum track.

- Paul J., Berkeley, CA, United States, 06.02.2006

Butthole Surfers


The Guess Who

CD-Cover: Butthole Surfers - Rembrandt Pussyhorse 38.4 % 61.6 % CD-Cover: The Guess Who - Greatest Hits
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Butthole Surfers 479 Votes The Guess Who

Comments about American Woman:

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No one covers The Guess Who. This song is no exception.
- Slotcar Bob, Petaluma, United States, 06.11.2009
The original song is pretty damn good, but the Butthole Surfers cover is one of the great covers of all time, up there with Devo's Satisfaction.

I have a bootleg early mix of the BHS version, and it's interesting but not as good as the album version - because it has rhythm guitar and bass in it - the studio version is over-the-top because in the solos it's just the relentless drums and the ultra-slow-hand howling guitar.

My friend got the last 30 seconds of this on a mix tape in Amsterdam and spent two years (this was before the Internet) trying to figure out what it was.

A legendary piece that lives up to its reputation.
- Tom Swirly, New York, United States, 19.10.2008
Nothing is better than pre-major label Butthole Surfers. Absolutely NOTHING. That was nice of the Australian person commenting to say that all BS fans should kill themselves. Real nice mate!
- intybinty, Chicago, United States, 31.07.2008
buttholes version wins, just for the cutlery solo
- jethro, newcastle, England, 02.07.2008
I farted.
- Obama's Mama, Cucamonga, United States, 15.05.2008
I farted.
- Obama's Mama, Cucamonga, United States, 15.05.2008
Guess who is up your ass!!

- Butto McFarty, Uppyuras, China, 15.05.2008
It is all the better to have been Butthole Surfed
- E. Kunet, Wyndham nsw, Australia, 15.05.2008
Guess Who really suck badly. Horribly. Nobody even knows who they are anymore.
I love the Butthole Surfers. They don't suck at all. They're brilliant.
So I voted for them. In all honesty though the best ever version of this particular song was by ANAL CUNT.
- Leto Atriedes, Sydney, Australia, 15.05.2008
Peanuts and poop are a mouth-watering combo. Try it as a topping on your favorite salad or a delicious shake for lunch.
- Anna Rexic, Buttholia, United States, 15.05.2008
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