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Hair of the Dog

GNR's version to me is what Nazareth would have recorded had they released the song in the 90's. Besides, can't go wrong with Slash adding his touch to a classic rock song.

- James, Niagara Falls, Canada, 07.02.2006

Guns N' Roses



CD-Cover: Guns N' Roses - The Spaghetti Incident ?! 47.1 % 52.9 % CD-Cover: Nazareth - Hair of the Dog
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Comments about Hair of the Dog:

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Gn'R's version! come on people, it doesn't have to sound like a completely different song!! Axl's voice makes this song way more badass, and with Slash, one of the greatest guitarists ever adding even better guitar?! gotta be Gunners, hands down. (Besides, Guns is a better overall band anyway)
- Mitch Hakker, Chatham, Ontario, Canada, 24.02.2011
Hair of the dog by Nazareth is much better than GNR's version. Also Nazareth is a much better band than GNR. i always found Axl to be a rip off of robert plant of led zeppelin. Nazareth is original. I also like love hurts of nazareth.
- rockfan, new york, United States, 05.04.2010
Nazareth is best band of the world ever. Manny sounds is absolutely fantastic, the Hair of the dog's riff is sensational and Slash don't movie it. Slash is great, but Manny is greatest.
- JULIO, Araucária, Brazil, 24.02.2010
Nazareth Nazareth Nazareth!!!!!!!!!!
There's no comparison between Nazareth and g n'r...I mean...Axl seems to care more about himself and his look than his music, Nazareth are far more professionists and in Hair of the dog this is incredible evident...

- FraIII, Milano, Italy, 12.05.2009
The difference between Nazareth & GNR is that when Naz do covers (Love Hurts, This Flight Tonight etc) they make it their own. GNR do straight lifts from the originals. GNR's Hair of the Dog is good, but it just sounds like them copying someone elses song - same with Band on the Run, Sympathy for thr Devil - nothing added. The difference in Dan McCaffertys and Axl's vocls is that Dan don't whine through his nose! Axls ok, but more attitude and image than ability. Naz wi hands down!
- nazburns, glasgow, Scotland, 13.01.2009
Dudes ... GNR did a fine cover, but Nazareth is in a class by itself. GNR's version is great for concerts, but unless someone's removed your spine, Nazareth is what really rocks. I can't imagine doing anything crazy to GNR's version.
- John, somewhere in Texas, United States, 04.02.2008
I like the cover alot but agree that if Nazareth had done it in the 90's the GNR would be the result. It is an honest cover.
- Lemissa, LawrencefuckingKansas, United States, 27.11.2007
The Nazareth version is so much better. That is some serious hard rock -- and along with Highway to Hell is one of the best hard rock songs to dance to ever.

I'm just sputtering over the fact that everyone doesn't see it my way...
- Vanessa, SF, United States, 25.07.2007
Manny Charlton just did an interview with Rolling Stones magazine about GNR 20th anniversary.Also check out Manny,former guitarist for Nazareth,Myspace site.There is a newspaper clipping in the pic section where Slash is saying he owes it all to Nazareth.
- Ray, Corpus Christi, United States, 09.07.2007
Hey Slash,if your really reading this,Manny says "Hi, you scabby heeded goat" For all those reading is a little info,the original song title was really to be called "Son Of A Bitch" but back in 1975 the promoters were afraid the title would keep the stores from selling the records,so they changed it to Hair Of The Dog. If anybody is interested,check out Manny Charlton on myspace.
- Ray, Corpus Christi Tx, United States, 17.06.2007
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