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Green Eyed Lady

Gotta love the Accused's take on classics!

- Jason, Seattle, United States, 14.02.2006

The Accused


Sugar Loaf

CD-Cover: The Accused - Splatter Rock 17.8 % 82.2 % CD-Cover: Sugar Loaf - Best of Sugar Loaf
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The Accused 214 Votes Sugar Loaf

Comments about Green Eyed Lady:

Original SugarLoaf release 1971 I think. There have been some more 'musical' covers than the accused 1992 release I think:
David Drew (1988):

Pat Travers

Jerry Corbetta ( Formerly of Sugar Loaf)

- ProtoLogic, Vancouver, Canada, 09.10.2009
Well, when my boys pay homage to an old fave of theirs, they tend to mangle the living s#*t
out of that song; kinda like lovin' a puppy too much by putting it in a blender. They mean well, they just have a funny way of showing their appreciation for stuff! Go easy on 'em, cuz they really worship 'the Loaf' and their classic rendition! ---Cheers! Martha S.
- Martha, Splatter City, United States, 17.06.2007
I would have to hear the Accused version. Didn't Billy Idol do a cover of this song once?
- JDC, LC, TX, United States, 03.04.2006
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