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I Started a Joke

Patton's a fantastic singer

- Jason, Seattle, United States, 14.02.2006

Faith no More


Bee Gees

CD-Cover: Faith no More - Who Cares a Lot? 45.3 % 54.7 % CD-Cover: Bee Gees - Idea
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Faith no More 1149 Votes Bee Gees

Comments about I Started a Joke:

Sounds like he's dying from constipation? Only because he wants to sound that way, he can sound however he choses to sound is the extent of his vocal mastery. Dont think Patton can sing a ballad? Try Stripsearch, one of the rare occasions he shows what kind of range and mainstream potential he had, just chose to shun pop culture. By the way I dont even like this cover, just had gush about Patton's vocals lol By the way, pretty slow moving poll lol
- Buzzy, Sydney, Australia, 27.07.2010
The dude from Faith No More sounds like he's dying from constipation when he tries to sing a ballad. Their version should be outlawed. Bee Gees win easy.
- Rod, Chicago, United States, 20.02.2010
Songs with cryptic lyrics are usually sung best by the writer. No one will really understand the lyrics except the writer. Any cover artist has to pretend that they do, and in this case it shows. With Gibb's version I hear classic soul and uniqueness, with Patton's - macho affectation.
- Steve, San Francisco, United States, 16.05.2008
beegees > faith no more
- joe, sss ships, United States, 22.03.2008
Mike patton is just such a better sing , but both versions are great, the wallflowers version blows
- Jnote, burlington, United States, 26.11.2007
Faith No More's version is undeniably good, but there's a level of adolescent angst that only the Bee Gees of that era can capture.
- ken, ontario, Canada, 02.02.2007
Gibb needs to let his nuts drop once in his life...Patton owns this song
- Jeffrey, CAMP ADDER, Iraq, 12.01.2007
Faith No More's version is simply way better!
- Ema, Pula, Croatia, 28.12.2006
Robin Gibb's voice is much more suited to this song!
- Laura, Bowling Green, United States, 15.12.2006
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