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Walking in Memphis

The only song by Marc Cohn, which became a great success in Germany. Marc Cohn performs this song like nobody else. Even Cher is not fit to hold the candle to him, but she is not far away from Cohn.

- Norbert S., Erkelenz, Deutschland, 17.02.2006



Marc Cohn

CD-Cover: Cher - IT'S A MAN'S WORLD 53.3 % 46.7 % CD-Cover: Marc Cohn - Marc Cohn
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Comments about Walking in Memphis:

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I like the production of cher's version more
- ianaudley, OBK, Germany, 16.10.2007
Marc Cohan is the best!
- Susanne, Karlsruhe, Germany, 18.09.2007
I like both versions but love Cher's! More power and a much better ending :-)
- Secret of Cher, Vienna, Other - Europe, 20.08.2007
Umm...yea, Marc's version surpasses Cher's by FAR. He sings it with conviction and ownership. After all, it's his song. The melody (piano) is GORGEOUS...if a tune can be gorgeous. I love this song. Nice try Cher but no.
- Kamaly, Brooklyn, United States, 16.08.2007
Cher is the Best
- Bruno, Brazil, Brazil, 16.08.2007
I think Cohn's version is far superior to Cher's. Sorry...I just have a hard time taking Cher seriously about anything. She just remade it so she could have it remixed for
- John, Tampa, United States, 06.08.2007
I love this artists song, Walking in Memphis, it reminds me of things that have happened. He is a great man. Great relaxing songs.
- HillBilly, Oxford, England, 26.07.2007
Love both versions,.. but I like Cher's better!!
- Danny, Green Bay, United States, 23.07.2007
Mass hysteria doesn't prove anything. Paris Hilton is also subject of mass hysteria. Pop culture does have quite little to do with the qualities of a musician. Cher's version is fine, I loved the video. But Marc Cohn wrote the song from his heart. You just have to hear him live, he's one of a kind!
- Zezz, Chicago, United States, 23.07.2007
no offence but when was the last time Mark cohen was the subject of mass hysteria?Cher has been for 40 years.she could record'baby got back'and make it sound soulful!
Love both versions but cher babe...'you got me babe'
- lesdudek, malibu, United States, 21.07.2007
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