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The Power of Love

Say what you want about Celine Dion, she's got a thrilling voice on that (pre-Titanic) track. However, originally written and performed by Jennifer Rush in the mid 80s, I still go with that one. A classic track which went to No. 1 in both versions: Jennifer Rush hit the No. 1 in Europe, while Celine Dion went to No. 1 in the states.

- Chris, Cologne, Germany, 19.02.2006

Celine Dion


Jennifer Rush

CD-Cover: Celine Dion - The Colour of my Love 38.6 % 61.4 % CD-Cover: Jennifer Rush - Jennifer Rush
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Celine Dion 3247 Votes Jennifer Rush

Comments about The Power of Love:

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Jenny is the only and only best interpreter of The Power of Love, apart from this she is also the author of this unique song !
- GsWJ, Munich, Germany, 16.11.2008
Jennifer Rush's performance is the embodiment of unbridled, sincere feminine love; it cannot be successfully adapted to a masculine version (as Airsupply tried) nor has any cover version rivalled it. It is compelling, powerful and pure, a true masterpiece.
- Ryan, London, England, 28.09.2008
My vote goes to the one and only CELINE DION!
- Martinos, Provence Zeeland, Netherlands, 28.07.2008
Celines performs it better but since jennifer wrote and performed it first celines performance should be regarded as a tribute to jennifer which clearly gives my vote to jennifer.
- johan, london, United States, 24.07.2008
Jennifer's is NOTHING compared to Céline's!
- Evelina, Linköping, Sweden, 03.06.2008
I liked the Jennifer's version when I heard it, but Celine put emotion and power (her own power) in this song and it really makes me melt when I hear it.
- Andreea, Bucharest, Romania, 04.05.2008
I prefer the best number one Celine Dion!!!
- cla, Trieste, Italy, 04.05.2008
i love celine dion...
- nancy, thailand, Hong Kong, 01.05.2008
Celine Dion has turned this song into a classic! The orchestration is much more powerful and sensational, and as for Dion's voice, this is heaven my friends. Makes you shiver. Mrs Rush has an extraordinary talent as well, but this song, deserves fairly enough to Celine..
- Elias, Athens, Greece, 01.05.2008
Céline's version is better... Her voice so powerful brings tears to my eyes!
- ALBERTO, ENNA, Italy, 30.04.2008
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