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How soon is now

Actually, both versions are good. But the cover version is hated or beloved because of the TV-Witch-Series Charmed.
As Smith-Fan I have to vote of course for the original version!

- Sandra, Wien, Österreich, 23.02.2006

Love Spit Love


The Smiths

CD-Cover: Love Spit Love - the craft, ost 50.7 % 49.3 % CD-Cover: The Smiths - Hatful of Hollow
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Love Spit Love 1763 Votes The Smiths

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I can't understand how anyone could do this song better than The Smiths. Without Morrissey, it just isn't the same.
- Inga, Sacramento, United States, 08.12.2010
I honestly love the Love Spit Love version from the Craft and Charmer more. It has a more rock tone to it and no yodeling.
- Jeff, new york, United States, 08.11.2010
Sorry Smiths fans - they get the credit for creating this wonderful song and of course their version is great, but the Love Spit Love version just rocks more - has more energy and power behind it.
- Veronica, Salem, United States, 16.03.2010
Is this a joke? How could The Smiths be losing?

The dregs of the Psychedelic Furs cover the song virtually note-for-note, distortion-pedal-for-distortion-pedal. Just subtract a little charisma from the vocals and ALL originality and, presto! You've finally got a hit again! I don't even know how this is legal let alone in competition with the original.
- Mischa, New Haven, United States, 17.09.2009
I prefer the version of love Spit Love, why?, you ask!, well it's because the lead singer, and the rest of the band were some what reluctant to record or re-record such a down to earth song, that reefers to Humans that suffer from society's unjust causes. With that said, my personal opinion is that the lead singer, sung it with passion and the drummer (percussionist), makes this song get into you (one) and it makes one wonder.... Morreset version is almost the same, but my vote is for Love Spit Love.. God bless..
- Rafael Washington, Caracas, Other - South America, 01.01.2009
If LSL had enough creative talent between them to write just 10 seconds of Jonny Marr's guitar-work from this song, we might actually have a contest here, but that's a pretty big IF.
- Mark, Horsham, England, 27.10.2008
No explanation. Smiths. Hands down.
- Joe, Seattle, United States, 15.10.2008
The song is great. The Smiths made the original and it will always be the original, this gives it something special. The version from Love Spit Love is also very good, but it's a cover. Although i really like the Smiths and the original i have to vote for Love Spit Love, they did a really good job covering a song not just for a decade but timeless like the original and they gave the song a little bit more power and passion.
- Tobias, Aargau, Switzerland, 21.07.2008
I grew up with the Smiths. Love them. I also love the LSL version of the song though I've never seen the TV show. Richard Butler injects a little bit more anger into it and I love it for that. It's a bit more urgent though not nearly as polished.
- Stuart, Venice, United States, 10.07.2008
I think love spit love is better becaus it is quicker and I love the seri Charmed!!!
And I would love to know what other songs like that one existe...?
- Amy, Maresches, France, 17.05.2008
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