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I love Rock n Roll

Do I really have to say anything to this cover version???

- Sandra, Wien, Österreich, 23.02.2006

Britney Spears


Joan Jett

CD-Cover: Britney Spears - Britney 25.9 % 74.1 % CD-Cover: Joan Jett - I love Rock and Roll
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Britney Spears 1655 Votes Joan Jett

Comments about I love Rock n Roll:

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Well, what do you expect? Brittney does songs one way, the Slut Way. Whether or not the Slut Way is appropriate for the song is irrelevant - Slut is all she knows. If you like Slut, you probably won't mind B's cover. If you appreciate that there is life and music beyond Slut, you'll see her performance for what is is, a performance, an act, a put-on. There is not one shred of 'genuine' in Britt's cover. Joan all the way!
- Geonerd, Moo!, United States, 02.08.2010
hola soy gabriela arando la verdad es que me encantan todas las placas de britney me encanta es lo mas te quiero un monton !!!!
- gabriela arando, la quica, Argentina, 26.11.2009
hola soy de aegentina y la verdad es que me encanto todas la placas de esta super mujer britney te quiero mucho sos una diosaaaa!!!!!
- gabriela , jujuy, Argentina, 26.11.2009
What the hell was that biotch thinking? I mean, she can't even sing in the first place! She ruind a classic!!!
- Marisa, Salem, United States, 23.08.2009
The original version is from The Arrows.
- HugoBAF, Lisboa, Portugal, 23.05.2009
Spears dont feels the rock and ìs obiusly that joan is better and the modern music are **** seriusly i prefer heavy metal
- eddie the head, D.F, Mexico, 15.07.2008
What the hell was that bitch thinking?! Rock should be left to those who can breath and bleed it and hear hells bells! Joan Jett over the bitch to this day!
- The BlackHeart, RocknRoll Oklahoma, United States, 14.07.2008
When is someone going to help save the human race and cap that stupid Brittney bitch before she breeds again or tries to sing anymore????????
- I HATE THAT WORTHLESS, CUNT, United States, 12.05.2008
Damn, what happened here? Did all of the nine-year-old posers come out in force to defend the vile Spears or something?

I actually DO love rock and roll, and music, so Joan Jett's original is the obvious choice.
- David, Rexburg, United States, 05.03.2008
Woop Woop
Britney all the way!!

- Shannen and Casey, Warrnambool, Australia, 28.02.2008
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