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Beds are Burning

All of us were shocked, when we heard this cover, were'nt we?

- Sandra, Wien, Österreich, 23.02.2006



Midnight Oil

CD-Cover: Novaspace - Cubes 16.9 % 83.1 % CD-Cover: Midnight Oil - Diesel and Dust
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Novaspace 827 Votes Midnight Oil

Comments about Beds are Burning:

Horrible cover, for wiping out the political context of the song. It's like those covers of John Lennon's "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)" that fail to get that it's about Vietnam, not Christmas.
- Stormwatch, Fortaleza, Brazil, 05.08.2009
Novaspace.. how could 19% of you vote for THAT! One more tune to fill the last "Mega hit connection" compilation. Midnight Oil wins this round
- Prot, Mons, Belgium, 09.10.2008
I hate Midnight Oil, Peter Garrett not only dances like an epileptic octopus, but he makes a lousy Member of Parliament! He has always been too sickly "goody goody" with the crap he spouts. Any band that can take away the propaganda from the song and actually make it entertaining gets my vote!
- Tim K, Hervey Bay, Australia, 25.04.2008
Dear Novaspace,

Just because a song has the word "dance" in the lyrics, that doesn't mean you should make a by-the-numbers club version.

- Brett, Brooklyn, United States, 11.03.2008
How can you get the same feel Peter put into this song about aboriginal rights in Australia? Midnight Oil has always done songs about the indigenous folks (Dead Heart, etc...).

No brainer here...
- Ken D, Emporia, KS, United States, 15.04.2006
Novaspace sucks
- Ralphd, Bryan, United States, 18.03.2006
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