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In a sense it is a shame that Donovan has sold himself in 2001 for this cover version by the No Angels! In my opinion Atlantis is Donovans best song, he has ever written.

- Thomas Klingenburg, Köln, Deutschland, 23.02.2006

No Angels



CD-Cover: No Angels - Best Of No Angels 37.7 % 62.3 % CD-Cover: Donovan - The Very Best Of Donovan
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Comments about Atlantis:

I don't know what it is. The No Angels version has a more relaxing quality to it. I play it when I get home from work. Just be thankful he didn't sell it out to country. At least these guys can hold a note.
- Viper Blade, Winona, United States, 26.06.2008
Both are very cool but there's nothing like an original!
- Maaian, aaa, Israel, 01.10.2007
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