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The Joker / The Grosser

Both versions sound pretty good. I can hardly decide for one version.
p.s. Steve Miller sings this song in English while Fettes Brot sings it in German.
So you can even learn something ;-)

- Christoph, Berlin, Deutschland, 24.02.2006

Fettes Brot


Steve Miller Band

CD-Cover: Fettes Brot - Demotape 47.9 % 52.1 % CD-Cover: Steve Miller Band - The Joker
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Fettes Brot 981 Votes Steve Miller Band

Comments about The Joker / The Grosser:

you people are crazy for picking some dumbshit band over the great Steve Miller...
- Buddy, Tarzana, CA, United States, 09.08.2008
The German Version changes the lyrics drastically, but over all it sounds very much like the Steve Miller Version. I would have to admit though that Fettes Brot, while talented, doesn't hold a candle to Steve Miller in this song. By the way, Grosser in German means the Great...Joker in German is Joker. This is just one of the many changes Fettes Brot made to the song.
- Joe, Dallas, United States, 09.12.2007
music video for the grosser.
- Tyler, Shawnee, United States, 06.01.2007
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