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It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

What a great song! I have first litened to it in the version by Van Morrison in his group Them and was sold on it. Van Morrison has such a great voice and it really suits this song.
Sorry Bob Dylan fans, my vote goes to Van Morrison.

- Michael Müller, Hamburg, Germany, 24.09.2005



Bob Dylan

CD-Cover: Them - The Story of Them Featuring Van Morrison 61.7 % 38.3 % CD-Cover: Bob Dylan - Bringing It All Back Home
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Them 1787 Votes Bob Dylan

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Comments about It's All Over Now, Baby Blue:

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Bob Dylan
Just listen to his live version circa 1965
Van took it somewhere else, and its great
But Dylan is Dylan and this is one of his finest....

- Winston Legthigh, London, England, 06.12.2010
I prefer The Byrds version over both of these - McGuinn knew just what to do with Dylan's stuff! Either way, it's great music!
- GuitarSam, Halifax, Canada, 09.04.2010
i'm not sure actually. i'm stuck in time on this one as both provide amazing memories. but right now, i can't get the them version off my player. "strike another match. go start anew". that line alone: such memories.
- emily, sf, United States, 09.02.2009
Van has always been and will always be my favorite musician. I used to have this Them album, but I don't know what happened to it. Can't find a copy now--except for $50 on Amazon. Anyone know how I can get it?
- Kelle, Somerville, United States, 09.09.2008
I like the Grateful Dead version (from the Soundtrack "Masked and Anonymous") best.
- Gabriel, Hannover, Germany, 15.05.2008
I personally like the Byrds' jangly version of this song.
- James, Minneapolis, United States, 11.04.2008
Die Coverversion von Them ist weitaus bekannter & kam schon damals, wie auch heute mit ihrem melodischen Charakter viel besser beim breiten Publikum an.
Bob Dylans Original hingegen ist heutzutage nur noch was für Fans & Freunde des Blues. Und für Den, der sich genauer mit der Sache beschäftigt, stellt sich diese Frage sowieso nicht. Van Morrison hat mit Them diesen Song nur populär gemacht - so wie er in der Erinnerung vieler Menschen einen festen Platz hat...

- Rigo, Eisleben, Germany, 14.03.2008
Arrrrgh... tough choice... both versions are quite good in different ways... this is apples and oranges...
- ASPicco, New York, United States, 16.09.2007
Great comments guys but you can't overlook the version done by Aussie artist Russell Morris. It's worth a listen, even better than the Bonnett version (in my humble opinion !)
- Lee, Melbourne, Australia, 15.06.2007
Covers (that I know of) have also been done by Bonnie Rait, Graeme Bonnet, Marianne Faithful and (of course) Joan Baez.
- Stefan, Hobart, Australia, 30.03.2007
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