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A difficult topic, which was set to music in the 70s by Wishful Thinking. But even today the song counts as a hymn and an evergreen. In 1990 the German pop singer Sandra jumped on the bandwagon and covered this song to refresh the discussion about the nuclear bomb thrown onto Hiroshima - and she had a big success (Top 5 in Germany). However, the original sounds more honest - Sandra's version is too electronic.

- Maike, Paderborn, Deutschland, 28.02.2006



Wishful Thinking

CD-Cover: Sandra - Paintings in yellow 28.7 % 71.3 % CD-Cover: Wishful Thinking - Wishful Thinking
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Sandra 869 Votes Wishful Thinking

Comments about Hiroshima:

Sandra Lauer was very wonderful with her performance of "Hiroshima", though Wishful Thinking's original version is still quite probably the most beautiful song ever sang.
- (alias) [Mr.] Night Wind , Saint Louis, MO, United States, 28.04.2009
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