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Take Me Home, Country Roads

John Denver is a country legend forever.

- Manuel, Tittling, Deutschland, 06.03.2006

Hermes House Band


John Denver

CD-Cover: Hermes House Band - The Album 18.1 % 81.9 % CD-Cover: John Denver - Poems,Prayers & Promises
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Comments about Take Me Home, Country Roads:

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Hermes House Band, you really did a great cover in my opinion...John Denver would not have minded at all.. It is great for in a wedding to sing to especially with the rhythm attached to the song...
- Dean, trinidad and tobago, Other, 15.08.2010
Jason and the Scorchers version, that's the cover that should be going head-to-head here.
- Big B, Nashville, United States, 12.04.2010
Toots and the Maytals has a very solid version of this song as well. I still like the original better, but it's good.
- Axl, Chicago, United States, 01.03.2010
Daryle Singletary did a really nice version of this song. Who ever even heard of Hermes House Band anyway?
- Amy, Dallas, TX, United States, 09.02.2010
Hermes House Band Rocks. I like their version.
- George, San Jose, CA, United States, 27.12.2009
Terry from El Paso is obviously on the Hermes House Band Street Team.

In fact, Terry's comment might as well be a Google Ad.

Nevertheless, it's a landslide for Mr. Denver.

Frankly, I believe this entry was created as comedy relief. It cannot possibly be a serious vote.

Can it?
- Eisenhower Tunnel, Denver, United States, 29.07.2009
Hermes House Band??? - Is this some kind of joke? What about the Olivia Newton John version - now that is a decent cover. I'd say better than the original.
- James, Nottingham, England, 02.05.2009
For a rip-roaring version, try Jason and the Schorchers take from "A Blazing Grace."
- Kent, Richmond, United States, 17.02.2009
I thought it was sacrilege to the memory of John Denver to do this song.
Then I listened to the beat and the rhythm, and now, I cant stop listening to it.
I have it on a loop on my I-POD. Before now I had never heard of Hermes House band
Now, I want more….WELL DONE
- Terry, El paso, United States, 27.10.2008
That is just sad. The Herpes House Band doesn't stand a chance against good old John Denver classic hits like this.

- Matt, Cameron, WI, United States, 25.10.2008
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