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Where Is My Mind

I think that noone can replace the Pixies with its original sound. Nada Surf just don't sound the right way! That's what I think.

- Andris, Salaspils, Latvia, Other, 10.03.2006

Nada Surf



CD-Cover: Nada Surf - Where Is My Mind: A Tribute to the Pixies 27.4 % 72.6 % CD-Cover: Pixies - Surfer Rosa
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Nada Surf 770 Votes Pixies

Comments about Where Is My Mind:

I love both versions, but I have to stick with the original. It is the one I know and prefer. Hats off to Nada Surf though. An Excellent tribute.
- Tod, New Bern, United States, 05.01.2008
one of the best songs by one of the best bands...pixies are giving nada surf a beat down
- thumphreys, chicago, United States, 25.03.2007
Both awesome bands and both deserve credit but I do enjoy the Nada Surf one more.
- Brad, Aurora, United States, 18.03.2007
This song belongs to the Pixies (I saw them this summer on concert :D)
- Kika, Geneva, Switzerland, 22.08.2006
Nobody should ever cover the pixies - especially nada surf.
- betz, boston, United States, 09.07.2006
Obviously credit is due to the Pixies for creating this amazing song, but Nada Surf took it and turned it into one of the all-time greatest songs ever.

The way they captured the feeling of swimming in the ocean, it's so visual. Amazing work. I love the Nada Surf version.
- Tapp, New Brunswick, United States, 15.05.2006
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