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Time Is On My Side

When I first had read "Time Is On My Side" was not written by The Rolling Stones, I was really surprised. I have never heard of the version by Irma Thomas. But you should give it a try - it sounds quite good. But the Rolling Stones made a hit out of it.
With my investigation I found out that the version by Irma Thomas actually is not the original. Kai Winding with The Enchanters as vocal group already released the song in October 1963, but I couldn't find a sample of his version.

- Michael Müller, Hamburg, Germany, 25.09.2005

The Rolling Stones


Irma Thomas

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After hearing the Irma Thomas version, i have lost some respectfor the Stones. Rock The Blues Irma!!!
- Elwood J. Blues, Calumet, United States, 16.08.2008
Who played the tambourine on the Stones version of "Time Is On Myside?!" that sucker out of time! Course, the Stones never let perfection get in the way of perfection.
- Dr. Bob, Coos Bay 7-1-08, United States, 31.07.2008
its really gud!!!
- bilal zafar, islamabad, Pakistan, 11.01.2008
This Irma's version is amasing. I am french but I was always a fan of the Rolling Stones. But the voice of Irma Thomas is so beautiful and with the soul of her lyrics... Marveleous!!
- Carole Montmarquette, Montréal, Canada, 30.05.2007
Irma 'owns' this song. The Stones version pales by comparison.
- hillbillynation, Atlanta, United States, 21.02.2007
I'm a BIG Stones fan, but, that said: Keith's harmonies are dreadful, the tambourine is horribly off-tempo, and I have always thought this particular record (actually, both Stones versions, as there is an alternate to the single version)was a stinker. On Irma's beautiful, gospely version, her lead vocal is spot-on, the harmonies are huge, the tom rolls in the B sections of the verses are exciting. No contest!
- Alonzo Garbanzo, Los Angeles, United States, 13.04.2006
First time Id heard the Irma Thomas cover and its great. The guitar work in the Stones version makes it great in its own right.
- Patrick, Toronto, Canada, 02.01.2006
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