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Mr. Lonely / Lonely

The original is a classic played for many years in my house as a child and I have quite fond memories of the song, however, I have to admit that I prefer the updated version purely because I hate sampling in songs but this was quite a genius use of an old classic and I think it does the song some kind of justice that it rightly deserves.

- flumpman, Newcastle, England, 12.03.2006



Bobby Vinton

CD-Cover: Akon - Trouble 44.4 % 55.6 % CD-Cover: Bobby Vinton - The Best of Bobby Vinton
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Comments about Mr. Lonely / Lonely:

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this song is touching and i love it!
- jazmin jaramillo, chicago, United States, 26.01.2007
exellent song
- prasad, mumbai, India, 18.12.2006
I M 20 years old and Bobby Vinton's version is much much much better. I just don't understand why he would allow some rapper to use his wonderful song, which he wrote. Maybe Bobby just had a senile moment.
- Sarah, Atlanta, United States, 13.11.2006
The akon's vercion is obius that will be better because there are more technology now in days, Bobby Vinton's Org. song is from the 60's , I vote for Bobby's Orginal song i like it a lot!!
- Miguel, Reynosa, Mexico, 11.06.2006
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