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September Gurls

Never heard the original until years after I'd heard The Bangles version and I reckon The Bangles just shade it!!

- Richard Weir, Newcastle, England, 16.03.2006

The Bangles


Big Star

CD-Cover: The Bangles - Different Light 51.9 % 48.1 % CD-Cover: Big Star - Radio City
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The Bangles 316 Votes Big Star

Comments about September Gurls:

Check out the replacement cover on S**t, Shower, & Shave.
- Harry, Naples, United States, 11.11.2010
Check out the replacement cover on S**t, Shower, & Shave.
- Harry, Naples, United States, 11.11.2010
"Big Star" No question!
- richard, nyc, United States, 05.07.2010
Bangles have got this one hands down. Big Star's original is rough-edged noise; although the song is a good one. The Bangles put the polish and shine on it, plus they're girls (women really) and female vocals give the thing a whole new dimension. Why don't girl groups get any respect? They (and I mean the Bangles here) rock just as hard as their male counterparts if not moreso. I like quite a few others didn't hear the original until many years after the cover, so maybe I'm prejudiced by that fact. Seems to me that "September Gurls" would've languished in obscurity if it hadn't been rescued by the Bangles.

- Poppi, Ada, Canada, 09.02.2010
I did NOT already vote... silly 'Web server. IP Address Are Dynamic.

Big Star's wins by miles.
Yeah, more production on the Bangles... but what's more production?
Being "The Best Pop Song" is about the song.

Big Star: The guitars grind and tear; they _say_ "December boys got it bad!" The dynamics on this version drive; especially really pulling you along going to the end of the song. And you _must_ have that Last Chord just like that!

I've said this elsewhere: I listen and listen and keep listening because I can't find anything I'd want to add. (And nothing I'd take out.)

The 12+ years older production... well, it doesn't stand in the way of anything! And remember, production reflects the zeitgeist of when it was done.

No getting me wrong: I love the Bangles.


- its1110, raleigh, nc, United States, 12.12.2008
Big thanks to the Bangles for their cover. If not for them and Game Theory's version of "You Can't Have Me" I would have never sought out Big Star. After over twenty years living with both versions, Big Star's is better. I do love the quiet strumming ending from the cover version though.
- wayne motlot, Homer, United States, 28.05.2008
Heard the Bangles cover a little while after I heard Big Star's. It's interesting, but for me it doesn't even come close to the original, so I'm surprised by the result.

Maybe it's just a matter of whichever you hear first you like best, and most people are more familiar with the Bangles version.
- Bob, Edinburgh, Scotland, 27.09.2006
Alex Chilton is one of the most underrated living American songwriters today. From his first hit "The Letter" to a classic like this, he paved the way for that "Americana" sound. Viva Big Star!
- Tyler, Atlanta, United States, 01.07.2006
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