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Only Love Can Break Your Heart

This is how cover versions should be done. Take the basic essence of the original and turn it into something very different. Both versions are beautiful.

- Mark Ridley, Cambridge, England, 16.03.2006

St. Etienne


Neil Young

CD-Cover: St. Etienne - Fox Base Alpha 40.8 % 59.2 % CD-Cover: Neil Young - After The Gold Rush
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St. Etienne 250 Votes Neil Young

Comments about Only Love Can Break Your Heart:

The St. Etienne version is heart stoppingly beautiful. The perfect cover, transforming the original.
- David, Edinburgh, Scotland, 14.05.2008
st. Etienne's version is really amazing, but only the 1st 2 mins, after that, they seem to be doddling around and have nothing new to input into the recording, which ruins it a bit, but the 1st 2 mins are brilliant, The girls voice and the sounds they used are mesmorising. It definatly got my attention in 1990 when it came out. Still love it today.
- Mike, London, England, 10.05.2007
I was born in 1972 and heard the st. Etienne version first. Fell in love with a girl and with this song at the same time. No room for objectivity here. St. Etiennes version stole my heart.
- Atomdude, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 04.04.2006
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