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Hounds Of Love

Futureheads is good, but no Kate Bush

- NM, London, England, 17.03.2006

The Futureheads


Kate Bush

CD-Cover: The Futureheads - The Futureheads 40.8 % 59.2 % CD-Cover: Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love
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The Futureheads 502 Votes Kate Bush

Comments about Hounds Of Love:

Bit of a daft cover version. None of the grandeur of the original and stupid barking noises. It's like Steve Albini producing a Chris Morris pisstake of an indie band
- Dan, Liverpool, England, 29.10.2010
Has to be futureheads. No question. Kate Bush does have an amazing voice but as an overall song the cover is far better.
- Liz, London, England, 21.05.2009
It's very pleasant to discover new bands singing Kate!
The Futureheads have, at least, a good taste in music.
After all, I vote Kate because she's unmatched!
- Adrián, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 29.04.2009
man Futureheads all the way. kate bush has a shokingly awful voice.
- James, London, England, 03.06.2008
I love the Futureheads' cover, but Kate is always better. She's a musical genius.
- Jacob, Mobile, United States, 30.04.2008
Very very well done work by the Futureheads, but seriously, nothing can compare to the genius of our English princess.
- Fernando, London, England, 03.05.2007
it tends to be true that the first version you hear you prefer. now when i heard the future heads version i knew it was a kate bush song but i thought they did it really well! heres to the futureheads!
- Gemma, Birmingham, England, 03.04.2007
Kate... no question!!!
- jamesy, Sydney, Australia, 08.06.2006
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