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Along Comes Mary

Just found out by chance that the rock version of the Bloodhound Gang is only a cover of a swing version of the 60s. It is a sort of funny to listen to the original version, but I like the rock version better!
By the way: "Mary" stands for Marihuana ;)

- Tim, Bonn, Deutschland, 20.03.2006

Bloodhound Gang


The Association

CD-Cover: Bloodhound Gang - Bloodhound Gang - Hooray For Boobies 61.3 % 38.7 % CD-Cover: The Association - The Association - Greatest Hits!
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Comments about Along Comes Mary:

Um, Bloodhound-(typo)not Bloodhouse(lol)Either way, their effort sucks in comparison.

- Mike, Santa Maria,CA, United States, 16.12.2010
The Bloodhouse Gang's version does not hold a candle to The Association's original version. The BG relies on technology exclusively, and the finished product is dull and boring. It's a cool "rock" version in a sense, but is far outclassed by The A's sheer musical taste and harmonies. If you think different, it shows how much you know about music in general, which is not much.
- Mike, Santa Maria, United States, 16.12.2010
Patrick's correct. The Addrisi brothers KNEW what Cmaj7 and min7 chords were. . . and progressions other than "C-D-G". Far and away better'n this BHG tripe. AND all original, tool.
- Dennis, Wytheville, VA, United States, 13.04.2008
Bloodhound Gangs' version is really good. the other one is just gash! My vote goes to BHG
- Brennan Harvey, Inverness, Scotland, 22.07.2007
The original song is stupid. The BHG's cover is even better at being stupid. My vote goes for BHG.
- BlueRay Jon, New York City, United States, 08.07.2007
It's not swing, it's sunshine pop. And hell, at least the Association had talent; the BHG version of the song had no vocal harmonies, or any musical inspiration or substance behind it at all.
- Patrick, Chesapeake, United States, 02.07.2007
There is something about this song being a 60s swing song that i don't like. my vote goes to BHG.
- Mitchell, Eastern Passage, Canada, 03.04.2007
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