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First we take Manhattan

Brilliant spanish cover of this already brilliant original. Might be difficult to find, but you will not be sorry.

- Koen Verhaeghe, Gent, Belgium, 20.03.2006

Enrique Morente & Lagartija Nick


Leonard Cohen

CD-Cover: Enrique Morente & Lagartija Nick - Omega 28.4 % 71.6 % CD-Cover: Leonard Cohen - I'm your man
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Enrique Morente & Lagartija Nick 208 Votes Leonard Cohen

Comments about First we take Manhattan:

Original is always genuine.
But this one was a really powerful reinterpretation of it. They turn it up and down, and I think Mr Cohen was kind of satisfied.
Also, what this album meant in Flamenco is so big that Leonard Cohen should be completely proud. RIP Maestro Morente.
- Eddie, Barcelona, Spain, 05.01.2011
La meilleure des deux versions est celle de Leonard Cohen mais la meilleure est pour moi la reprise qu'en a fait le groupe Sirenia.
- Sunreef, Paris, France, 06.06.2010
no contest. How can you go with anyone other than Cohen here?
- Shrinertim, Omaha, United States, 09.03.2008
Cohen's sarcasm comes through wonderfully.

Check out the Jennifer Warnes version on her album Famous Blue Raincoat, though. It's worth it.
- Wpg_Lwr, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 04.12.2007
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