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Ring of Fire

One of the funniest versions of Johnny Cashs "Ring of Fire". Typically Zappa!

- W.Steinhorst, Aurich, Deutschland, 20.03.2006

Frank Zappa


Johnny Cash

CD-Cover: Frank Zappa - The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life 39 % 61 % CD-Cover: Johnny Cash - Ring Of Fire: The Legend of Johnny Cash
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Comments about Ring of Fire:

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Frank is a legend.

Possibly the most advanced mind that has ever lived

I guarantee his reason for carrying out covers such as Ring of Fire, Stairway to Heaven etc was certainly NOT to have any sort of "compariso " to the Original!!
- Eliot Aitken, Aberdeen, Scotland, 13.02.2011
Let's see... Would-be serious musician smart-ass vs. genuine man-of-the-earth singing his own song. Zappa did some devastating parodies; his sort-of intellectual shortcomings are exposed when confronted with the real deal.
- Rob L., Vancouver, United States, 26.08.2010
Ring of fire is a great song. FRANK is the best musician you've never heard in your life
- giovanni, MONCUCCO, Italy, 18.07.2008
Wow, Zappas version was really horrible.
- Niklas, Dalby, Sweden, 13.04.2008
Frank only played it because Johnny Cash was at the soundcheck rehearsing Ring of Fire . The man in BLACK was going to play with frank that night but his wife was taken to the hospital,and we all got to miss a classic duet.
- pinchface, chicago, United States, 07.11.2007
Cash's music is like stick figure drawings compared to Zappa's complex and eclectic productions. I guess people just like simple. Ring of fire cover was just taking the piss, like he always did. Smug or not, it's funny.
- Lindsay, Christchurch, New Zealand, 03.11.2007
And Zappa did it just for fun - right? No. It must be a revenge. Because Cash was so popular and this song may be he's best one. Buu - Frank!
- Urkki, Hellsinki, Finland, 21.10.2007
Zappa was just taking the piss in his smug, not-very-funny way.
- Ben, Canberra, United States, 03.10.2007
Cash is a master... but y'know what? Eric Burdon and the Animals did a great cover on the album Love Is... thogh Johnny's is still #1...
- ASPicco, NYC, United States, 16.09.2007
63.9 1963
- Bill Pullman, hornell, United States, 12.09.2007
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