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Everything I Own

I first heard Ken Boothe's version. There was so much feeling in it that I would never have dreamt it possible that it was a cover. The original is slower, less cathy, but with more heartbreak. Even more.

- D-Man, Here, England, 20.03.2006

Ken Boothe



CD-Cover: Ken Boothe - Everything I Own 48.4 % 51.6 % CD-Cover: Bread - Baby I'm-a Want You
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Ken Boothe 368 Votes Bread

Comments about Everything I Own:

Ken Boothe-version by far the best version ...
- Graham McAndrew, Wivenhoe,Colchester., England, 13.02.2011
I'm sorry but how anyone can think that Ken Boothes Version has more feeling to it is way off beam. David Gates wrote this after the death of his father and released it as a tribute to him.It is not a "romantic" love song and it's not meant to be "catchy" and I defy anyone to ever put more of their true feelings into it than Gates himself who sang it truly from the for Boy Georges version !!!!
- Geoff , Blackburn , England, 17.07.2010
There is a best version, Everything I Own (Boy George, 1987)
- Manuel Fornos, San Salvador, Other - South America, 04.11.2006
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