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Needles And Pins

The original is a classic song, but in this case the cover is for me definitively the better version, because Smokie singer Chris Norman is just unbeatable. His voice gives the song something special!

- Alex, Wuppertal, Deutschland, 22.03.2006




CD-Cover: Smokie - Best Of 50.5 % 49.5 % CD-Cover: Searchers - Greatest Hits Collection
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Comments about Needles And Pins:

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Smokie is the best version
- Sergey, Ust-Ilimsk, Other, 15.12.2010
I definitly think Smokie is the best version by far
- James Reid, Wicklow, Ireland, 13.08.2010
Classic trash!
- MT_Anthony, Budapest, Hungary, 15.09.2009
What about the Ramones version. I would vote for that one.
- Jamaul, Jamiaca , Other, 28.02.2009
oh my got smokie!! my dad present your music (Living Next Door to Alice) and i speak: oh my got nice music !i love you smokie!! i want live in 1970-77 i love you smokie
- katie, Brezno, Czech Republic, 07.12.2008
Smokie Foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
- Pham Nam, Ha noi, Spain, 07.07.2008
Ramones version is the best!
- Marah, Zagreb, Croatia, 09.11.2007
i like it from ramones better
- tejaramone, ramonesworld, Other - Europe, 21.06.2007
I like the Ramones cover too.
- Aca, Belgrade, Serbia, 15.06.2007
and Del Shannon not a she but a he recorded this early sixties.
- siebe, enschede, Netherlands, 14.01.2007
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