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How Soon is Now

This is one of the best covers made ever!
I liked the single "all the things she says" and the video of T.A.T.U. before I heard this cover of the famous Smiths song.
When I got the cd and listened to it I was quite surprised how many good songs were on it.
Of course the original version is very good too. Why this cover never made it big is a mystery to me.
The creativity of Trever Horn and the voices of Julia Olegovna Volkova and Elena Sergeevna Katina and very talented musicians together created one of the best covers of all time.

- Peter, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 25.03.2006



The Smiths

CD-Cover: t.A.T.u. - 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane 44 % 56 % CD-Cover: The Smiths - Hateful of Hollow
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t.A.T.u. 1316 Votes The Smiths

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The version by Love Spit Love is my favorite. Brings a tear to my eye if I listen too closely... That said, TATU is great and all, but I really feel they didn't do this song justice. Too much post-production. Even an acoustic version would have been better, and TATU isn't known for such things (cou-studioband-gh!).
- Prophet Zarquon, Denver, United States, 31.12.2006
You guys should listen to the version recored by "love Spit Love", I like it better than both versions, even though it was used as the theme-song for the TV series "Charmed" (yuk).
- Eytan, Modiin, Israel, 22.12.2006
tatu version..
makes me wanna vom
the smiths..morissey, pure artistic genius, you can't mess with that
- vanessa, perth, Australia, 16.12.2006
- PHOEBE, NEWARK, United States, 15.12.2006
t.A.T.u. all da way, bitch!! da original is wicked, but drags on so! anyone who says otherwise is da losa who as no idea about t.A.T.u. and their tunes - sorry elitists!!

- Jonny Greenwood, Oxford, England, 11.12.2006
My favourite is the Charmed version by Love Spit Love. Voted for the Smiths here.
- Martin Decker, Offshore, Australia, 26.08.2006
I can't believed anybody in their right mind would like the TATU version after having heard the original. This kind of crap should be banned, someone needs to put a cork on these girls. They make me ill.
- JA, Chicago, United States, 25.08.2006
The Smiths! I like this song from "Charmed"
- Kika, Geneva, Switzerland, 22.08.2006
Coming of age in the 80's "How Soon is Now" was one of those songs that you knew would come on Friday night at the club(s) and would immediatly fill the dance floor. For darn good reason. The cover version is so modified by Pro-tools that it is painful to listen to and then the vocal comes in...Ouch! Some covers are so artfully done that the new artist makes the song their own. I hope Johny Marr appreciates the quid as I'm sure he's taking some beatings at the pub for this.
- Marx, Seattle, United States, 13.08.2006
Damn... Thats all I have to say! What the hell was Morrisey thinking when he licensed this abortion? She sounds like the chipmunks on helium!!
- Danny Boy-o, La Jolla, United States, 12.07.2006
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