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Somebody to love

Jefferson Airplane is a famous band from the Sixties and Seventies. Do you really think a Techno-Coverband is fit to hold a candle to them? No way!

- Jürgen, Staßfurt, Deutschland, 30.03.2006

Booge Pimps


Jefferson Airplane

CD-Cover: Booge Pimps - Boogie Pimps / Somebody to love salt shaker remix 20.7 % 79.3 % CD-Cover: Jefferson Airplane - Jefferson Airplane / Somebody to love
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Booge Pimps 673 Votes Jefferson Airplane

Comments about Somebody to love:

The original songs, played by Jefferson Airplane, is the best.
It´s a classic
- Guillermo Moreno, Alicante, Spain, 20.03.2009
Dla mnie lepsze Booge Pimps i już :) ?!?
- miziu, Skierniewice, Poland, 02.08.2007
Erm Jefferson Airplane did not do the original of Somebody to Love.. it was written by Darby slick and recorded as a single by The Great Society (backed with the song Free Advice) the band Grace was in before she joined the Airplane.

Plus its on Surrealistic Pillow and for some reason the Volunteers cover in on there...
- Paul S. Whiston, Withernsea, United States, 06.04.2007
Great remix, goes to show what an amazing job just some techno cover band can do. Time for the next great techno remix to be done.
- Nomad, St Louis, United States, 08.02.2007
I really like the it is wicked.I listen to it 24-7,everyday
- Martyn Dyson, America, United States, 10.12.2006
I had to find someone who had a copy of the Boogie Pimps. It was worth the effort, but still not as good as the original.
- Rex Chickeneater, Kisumu, Other - Africa, 25.10.2006
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