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The wind cries Mary

It is very thrilling to see, how a piano-playing hepcat made it to transfer Jimis guitar swing on piano and brass.

- Matthias, Lätti, Schweiz, 31.03.2006

Jamie Cullum


Jimi Hendrix

CD-Cover: Jamie Cullum - Twentysomething 57 % 43 % CD-Cover: Jimi Hendrix - Experience Hendrix (the Best of)
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Two totally different styles of music here so obviously people are more than likely only going to like one version. Anybody who is into classic rock will undoubtedly hate the Cullum version. Anybody who likes pop jazz will probably like Cullum's. This is an impossible comparison as each song sounds completely different. I like them both for what they are and depending on my mood would listen to either of them.
- Daryle, Toronto, Canada, 05.12.2006
I really don't like Jamie Cullum and hate this cover in particular. I feel Cullum is a brilliant but maybe autistic musician, he can copy everything he has ever heard and even mix and combine styles as well, but his heart isn't in it (if he has a heart). His music sounds effortless and to some people that's pretty amazing, but to me it's just tiresome, boring and even belittling.
- Peter, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 25.11.2006
Never send a boy to do a man's job. Jamie Cullum's version is fine as a novelty, but Hendrix makes it live. And he was not, by the way, a lousy singer.
- Rob, Louisville, United States, 13.11.2006 !!!!!! Give me strength !!!
- IanB, Stoke, England, 26.10.2006
- Marcel, Rottweil, Germany, 18.10.2006
No one compares with Jimi!
- Rex Chickeneater, Kisumu, Other - Africa, 07.10.2006
No one compares with Jimi!
- Rex Chickeneater, Kisumu, Other - Africa, 07.10.2006
I can't look at Jamie Cullum without wanting to smash his stupid head repeatedly in the lid of his piano.
- Paul Wood, Northwich, England, 20.09.2006
I actually like the Jamie Cullum version and, let's face it, Jimi Hendrix was a lousy singer. However, that fuzzy guitar, the hippy vibes – you can't beat the original
- Kris, London, England, 11.09.2006
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