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The Man Who Couldn't Cry

I'll go with Loudon (no disrespect Mr. Cash) only because I have heard Mr. Wainwright in concert, and he is very witty and entertaining, and more people should discover his music. A very interesting choice though, for Johnny to cover. His version is very good too, but I'll take the original.

- Tyler, Atlanta, United States, 04.12.2006

Johnny Cash


Loudon Wainwright III

CD-Cover: Johnny Cash - American Recordings 40.4 % 59.6 % CD-Cover: Loudon Wainwright III - Attempted Mustache
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Comments about The Man Who Couldn't Cry:

I've loved this song since I first heard it in the early 70s. It has pathos, wit, emotion, almost the perfect song. I loved JCs version of of "Hurt", but this song is forever Loudon's.
- Derek Galsworthy, London, England, 19.01.2011
Can i recommend people search youtube for the version by Irish singer/songwriter Jack L. Unreal how good it is, no disrespect to the two mentioned but Jack does it better, the Irish Jonny Cash,
- Shane, ,, England, 08.12.2010
Shane Barker, you're not that bright, are you? The 20 years comment was sarcastically making fun of Jack's stupid comment.
- Blah, Omaha, United States, 07.12.2010
Johnny Cash is my favorite artist of all time. His renditions of songs are usually the best. This is the exception. Louden's version delivers the wit-with-a-wink quality that is a key component of the song. Unlike many songwriters, Louden's song are Louden.
- Roddy, Prescott, United States, 18.05.2010
both versions are great. johnny's voice brings an added dimension to the song. i did not know that it was a loudon song originally, i have now picked up his album and am enjoying a new tangent in my musical life.
- matt, chicago, United States, 09.10.2008
Johnny was lucky enough that Loudon let him cover the song. I just recently heard the Loudon version and like it a lot better than Johnnies. The comment about Loudon not writing and recording it 20 years earlier is ridiculous, There would be no song for Johnny to cover!
- Shane Barker, Port Ryerse, Canada, 06.09.2008
lulz @ Jack Smit for his idiocy.
- Jeremiah, San Diego, United States, 05.04.2008
I agree, Loudon should never have written and recorded the song 20 years before Johnny Cash.
- Johnnie Jamaal, Austin, United States, 30.03.2007
Loudon Wainwright should have never attempted the song. Johnny Cash has a way of putting such emotion into his compositions that anyone elses attempts come out as mediocre at best.
- Jack Smit, Richmond, United States, 11.01.2007
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