Cover vs. Original

Black Hole Sun

For being a cover, these are just about completely different songs. I love the original, and I love the cover. Seeing as they are different songs, I'll go with the original.

- Ian Page-Echols, Seattle, United States, 04.12.2006

Cibo Matto



CD-Cover: Cibo Matto - Cibo Matto 17.7 % 82.3 % CD-Cover: Soundgarden - Superunknown
Results of the voting: Cover versus Original
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Cibo Matto 711 Votes Soundgarden

Comments about Black Hole Sun:

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soundgarden? really come the fuck on.

- vee, chicago, United States, 19.08.2007
Soundgarden rules!!!
- Star, Gadsden, United States, 29.04.2007
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