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I wanna be your dog

Can a girl beat Iggy Pop ?

- Jer, Strasbourg, France, 05.12.2006

Emilie Simon


The Stooges

CD-Cover: Emilie Simon - Emilie Simon 26.1 % 73.9 % CD-Cover: The Stooges - The Stooges
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Emilie Simon 253 Votes The Stooges

Comments about I wanna be your dog:

She is better!
- Jovana, Belgrade, Serbia, 19.04.2010
no, Iggy's to cool for her
- ummmmm, Richmond, United States, 28.08.2008
Nah, the BEST version is by the SEVEN STOOGES!!! Find it on Rhino release: Worlds Worst Records vol 1. It combines the talents of the original sttoges plus Larry, Curly & Moe = CLASSIC!
- Misterpig, Sydney, Australia, 19.08.2007
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