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Kashmir / Come With Me

What a cruel sample version by Puff Daddy! The great Led Zeppelin song "Kashmir" is totally foozeled by this strange rap version. The groaning and the "Yeah, Yeah" arias of Puff Daddy (or Puff Diddy, however he is named) worsen everything.
Why Jimmy Page, who has played the guitar in the cover version, too, played this song together with Puff Daddy, will always be a mystery for me.

- Michael Müller, Hamburg, Deutschland, 05.10.2005

Puff Daddy


Led Zeppelin

CD-Cover: Puff Daddy - Come With Me 18.8 % 81.2 % CD-Cover: Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffity
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im genuinely surprised shithead over there got any votes. who can deny the power of the mighty led zeppelin. they shit on EVERYONE
- FeMaiden, Transylvania, United States, 08.02.2011
In the vid Jimmy Page must be the star not P.diddy ! JP appear only few times on some screens. I believe Page accepted this for money.
- Claudiciu, Bucharest , Romania, 04.08.2010
it samples the original - it's not even a cover
- LZ, Kashmir, India, 03.05.2010
"Kashmir" rules! "Come With Me" sucks!
- Koolebra, Villa Alemana, Chile, 18.03.2010
"Kashmir" rules! "Come With Me" sucks!
- Koolebra, Villa Alemana, Chile, 18.03.2010
I'm sorry, as mainstream a rapper as Puff Daddy is, this is not nearly one of his best tracks. He's been on infinitely better tracks. Of course Kashmir is a classic, but his contribution here is dismal, even by his lame lyrical standards. The lyrics are amateur at best. I think my ten year old brother writes better material than this.

I'm also not impressed by their take on the Kashmir sample. They didn't do anything different with it. Good hip-hop will take a sample and "hip-hopify" it. i.e. Add a kick-ass bass line, or a funky drum loop, among other things.

Sorry, this isn't even a contest, regardless if you love or hate both genres.
- Music Fan, Toronto, Canada, 17.10.2009
you can put any musician work on that, i mean musician, and i consider them as great musicians, puff daddy, bonham, p daddys drummer, jimmy page etc. jimmy page allowed it, he wanted a fresh breath on it, and it worked. what actually carried the song is the drumming, and i could say that drumming outbonhams bonham, or gets a bonham nod, no big words here, it is just an awesome drumming and guitar playing. jimmy wanted to take it to another level. it is jimmy's musicianship, and it is no sellout for me. i hear music. different forms of a beautiful music
- jose po lamang, caminawit, san jose, occ mdo., Other, 28.08.2009
Obviously Kashmir is far superior for the pure fact it is the original and has Robert Plant, one of the greatest vocalists of all time on it. Ironically though Come with me is probably Puff/puffy/diddy/piddy's best track. I am a fan of good Hip Hop and I believe that sampling can be used in creative ways however Piddy is the enemy of creativity and the enemy of good music, he's partially responsible for the mindless 'club bangas' that are polluting our aiwaves today.

- Wadders, Northampton, England, 26.05.2009
Come With Me has terrible lyrics, but anyone who is not willing to admit that Jimmy Page did a great job updating the instrumental is crazy.
- JK, Americus, United States, 28.10.2008
The "pistol packing", "trigger happy" lyrics in Puffy's version are metephors. The whole song is about a girl he can't stand to lose yet can't seem to get along with.

Sorry folks, as much as I dislike Puff Diddily-Do-Da's work as a whole I'm going to have to back him up on this one. This song is actually genius the way it's executed. Maybe that's why Page agreed to be part of it. He probably, for lack of better terms at the moment, 'felt' Puffy's lyrics.
- crippknottick, Orlando, United States, 04.07.2008
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