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Love will tear us apart

This song was covered many times, but the original was never reached. However, the Swans created a fantastic version.

- Solneman, Hamburg - St.Pauli, Deutschland, 06.12.2006



Joy Division

CD-Cover: Swans - Various Failures 1988-1992 19.8 % 80.2 % CD-Cover: Joy Division - Substance 1977-1980
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Swans 404 Votes Joy Division

Comments about Love will tear us apart:

Goatboy, you best not be hating on Seans.

Goofing around aside, the cover is great, but there's no way it's better than the original.
- Into Thy Hands, Orlando, United States, 19.03.2010
Joy Division obviously... No contest! Ian Curtis's face and voice are a story even the blind art of braille couldn't hope to hide. His intense presence is something that we all partake in when we listen to it, and his passionate narrative becomes instinctively more clear through rumination. One can not deny there is something more going on here (some bleaker, more mysterious dialogue than the mere words and melody imply). Such is the significance of lyricism, and of poetics.
- Frederick T. Vanderbilt, Bethlehem, PA, United States, 17.01.2009
No one can sing this like Ian Curtis. R.I.P.
- Markéta, Ivančice, Czech Republic, 10.06.2008
I choose my dad's!
- Natalie, Curtis, England, 04.05.2008
This song, to me at least, falls into a category whose members can be counted on two hands - songs that should never be covered. This song worked because of Ian Curtis' intensity and mania. Any version by anyone else always seems to sound like they are trying to replicate a man who will never be replaced. Ian Curtis wrote songs not because he wanted to, but because he had to. No one else will ever touch this, or anything else Joy Division ever recorded.
- Jon, Cardiff, Wales, 06.09.2007
I adore Joy Division, I don't even need to hear the Swans cover to know exactly who'll get my vote. Ian Curtis' vocal's add so much intensity to this song and it is not something that can be repeted
- Natalie, Mackay, Australia, 17.05.2007
I just can't vote..
- PETROV, SPIEK, Netherlands, 17.03.2007
Joy Division definitely. The synth lead progression on the Swans version is off on the third bar. Not that there's anything wrong with artistic license, but here it breaks the whole song down. The band also molested Nick Drake's greatest parting shot, 'Black-Eyed Dog'. Various Failures, indeed.
- Goatboy, Scarborough, England, 27.01.2007
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