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On Broadway

The Drifters version is better!

- Samantha, St. Charles, United States, 06.12.2006

George Benson


The Drifters

CD-Cover: George Benson - The George Benson Collection 62.6 % 37.4 % CD-Cover: The Drifters - The Very Best Of The Drifters
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George Benson 519 Votes The Drifters

Comments about On Broadway:

Both are good. Benson's is slightly better.
- Shaddy, Sydney, Australia, 22.11.2009
I am big fan of George Benson but I think the Drifters version is far more better (for personal reasons) because there is a nostalgia attached to it, which I favor. George Benson is modern jazz. Been there, done that.
- George, Toronto, Canada, 03.09.2009
I'm from teh NYC .. Benson Captured the spirit ..
- 11203, NYC, United States, 09.02.2009
GB's version is groovy... the Drifters' is boring ;)
- Paul, Lausanne, United States, 02.12.2008
Hi see my blog:
- 666, portugal, Portugal, 26.03.2008
What about Gary Numan's version? Also very good. I grew up with George Benson's so I'm partial to that.
- Louis, Private, United States, 02.02.2008
George Benson's version is like the man is a channel letting the listener have an almost religious experience. It is that good. As a guitarist and a musician in general I have to say his scat phrasing is some of the most ingenius stuff I've heard. One of the greatest songs of all time, it blows me away. It is so exciting, you don't just listen you take part.
- Anton, Wellington, New Zealand, 21.11.2007
Drifters FTW!
- Ricky, private, United States, 27.07.2007
Drifters FTW!
- Ricky, private, United States, 27.07.2007
neil young also recorded this song very well!!
- siebe, enschede, Netherlands, 14.01.2007
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