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You Can't Hurry Love

I think, this is a tough decision, but the cover version by Phil Collins is one, you really can characterize as excellent. That is probably why it was played in radio so many times in 1982/83.

- Langer, Flensburg, Deutschland, 04.04.2006

Phil Collins


The Supremes

CD-Cover: Phil Collins - Hits 37.8 % 62.2 % CD-Cover: The Supremes - Gold
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Comments about You Can't Hurry Love:

Phil Collins wins. His instrumentation is sweeter, smoother, and more refined, highlighting what sounds best, especially the twinkling keyboards and orchestral swells. More importantly his vocal delivery is cool, natural, and touching. Add to that an amusing music video and he's unbeatable. Really quite awesome.
- Patrick, New York, United States, 02.09.2007
No disrespect to Phil Collins, but I thought his version was very sterile. Considering the energy contained in most of his songs, I found this cover a big disappointment. As for the Supremes, there are several mixes available, some stronger than others, but I prefer any of them to Phil's version.
- Ralph, Linthicum, United States, 30.08.2007
I think both of them are good what about human nature's version?
- David Gill, Ipswich, Australia, 18.06.2007
No way The supremes rock it way better that Phil Collins. I do not like his version at all!
- Jennifer, Dallas, United States, 24.03.2007
And by the way, I hear this on KRTH 101.FM sometimes.
- Bobby Delaney, Norwalk, CA, United States, 17.03.2007
You know something, guys. I really like the Phil Collins version better than the Supremes. I know I like the Supremes but when it comes to the 80's.... it has to be Phil Collins, the perfect voice. So, it really came out strong in 1982 and this song hits the books on me!!!!
- Bobby Delaney, Norwalk, United States, 17.03.2007
Both great but Phil Collins version is way better and I love the Supremes!
- Linda, Dublin, Ireland, 08.01.2007
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