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Car Wash

I like the Rose Royce version better.

- Samantha, St. Charles, United States, 15.12.2006

Christina Aguilera & Missy Elliott


Rose Royce

CD-Cover: Christina Aguilera & Missy Elliott - Car Wash 43.5 % 56.5 % CD-Cover: Rose Royce - Car Wash
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Christina Aguilera & Missy Elliott 533 Votes Rose Royce

Comments about Car Wash:

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The original is the best. I will not waste my time or yours explaining why. It should be evident. But I will say this... a Rose Royce song is being listened to in 2010, some 30+ years after it was made. Wait and see where Christina & Missy's music is in 30 years.
- Rick, Los Angeles, United States, 22.08.2010
Fortunately, as with the US election in November 2008, a lot of noise is made here by an inferior camp. Fortunately, just as it was in the US on 4 November 2008, the noise made by inferiors is just noise, and Rose Royce wins.
- Carlin, Toldeo, United States, 29.07.2009
I think Christina Aguilera sings way much better but the version of Rose is just more jazzy. I like it
- Laura, Duffel, Belgium, 21.05.2009
I see all the pro Aguilera comments are from mainland Europe - once again proving what awful taste in music they have...
- Andy, London, England, 15.10.2008
Rose Royce rules!
- gaRp, Zurich, Switzerland, 25.03.2008
My good what are you saying????? Rose Royce made awsome classic funk song that will be a classic for as ever as music exists!!! And you vote for he song... made for a movie about a fish???? And oversaurated with soung and screams!!!
- Pepo, Parana, Argentina, 29.11.2007
hey i think that christina nd missy made a shit song awesom. u go gals nd who eva voted rose realy musnt lik music
- toni, clifton, Australia, 20.11.2007
Who Ever Voted For Rose Royce Is Gay...

- Bubblez, London, England, 05.11.2007
I think Christina Aguleira and Missy Elliot did a better job by far
- Luke, Berlin, Germany, 06.09.2007
I think Christina Aguleira and Missy Elliot did a better job by far
- Luke, Berlin, Germany, 06.09.2007
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