Cover vs. Original

Lady Marmalade

The cover version is really bad. I definitely like the original version better.

- Samantha, St. Charles, United States, 15.12.2006

Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, Lil' Kim



CD-Cover: Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, Lil' Kim - Lady Marmalade 47.2 % 52.8 % CD-Cover: Labelle - Nightbirds
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Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, Lil' Kim 1152 Votes Labelle

Comments about Lady Marmalade:

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i thought the originally version was good . nut they all have different style voices . so it won`t sound the same . but i think the remake was okay. because it was more pop and hip and r&b . that`s why they add Lil Kim and pink. but maya was good because she had more of a smooth vocal. so she fit the song and Christina, pink Lil Kim were okay as well
- akira, Los Angeles, United States, 19.02.2011
OK, I think the Labelle original is much better than cover, although I have to hand it to Pink, she actually did pretty well. But in my opinion the cover can't compare
- Ben, Boston, United States, 21.03.2010
The glossy, over-produced cover version is all about showcasing a bit of vocal talent (albeit in a pretty tired format) and has no soul whatsoever. The original has a story and an edge to it, and therefore wins this contest hands down. Kids who vote for the cover simply because they prefer R&B to disco are entirely missing the point.
- Jake, Leicester, England, 24.04.2009
Who are these people voting up the cover version? Haven't you bothered to listen to the original??? If not, then don't vote.

For the kids here, remember that the original was made without the help of computer fixing the pitch of the singer -- something none of the girls on the cover have ever pulled off. Patti Labelle has infinitely more talent.
- Marc, Seattle, United States, 31.03.2009
Labelle gives you a warm a feeling that she is the song- especially when backed up with the meters. The cover is a poor attempt as it gives you an artificial feeling- they are trying too hard to make it their own and it clearly doesnt work.
Its a bit like comparing making love to a plastic blowup doll vs the real thing.
Li Kim is dreadful and Christina oh my God...This is not her best work. Interesting it was only the music video that only gave this song any airtime... So when comparing Audio vs Audio and not Audio vs a Audio and a Music video.. That kind of rules out.. all Damn Hot!! comments! Please give me a break!
Out of 10.. Pink 8.0, Mya 8.7 , Li' Kim 2, Christina 3 labelle 9.0
If you like hearing an artist Labelle..If you like the feeling of being exploited go with the cover!
- SOUL TOWN USA, Alabama, United States, 07.10.2008
christina screeches and is the worst singing I have ever heard little kim
Is a waste of time. Pink and mya hold this song together. I rate pink much
Higher as she has much better control of her voice. Christina shows inexperience by
The original is the best verson by far. Sorry!
- simon, london, England, 07.10.2008
A mi en lo personal me fascino la version de Christina Aguilera, es fantastica una excelente banda sonora y unas muy buenas combinaciones vocales,,,
- Fernando Arciniega, Pachuca, Mexico, 16.09.2008
I did like the remake but it is not better than the original. The studio doesn't do Patti's voice justice. You have to see it live to hear and feel the power behind that voice.
- Minah, Miami, United States, 25.05.2008
Maya is so hot and her voice is so smooth... Lil Kim I could do without... Pink can certainly hold her own... and Christina... That girl has some of the most incredible pipes I have EVER heard. I passed her off as a teeny-bopper no talent tramp like Brittney 'till this spring. Christina has completely earned my respect. As for the original song... meh...
- Nathan, Durango, United States, 09.05.2008
The original is so much better. LaBelle with the Meters as the backup band. The Meters - the ultimate funk band of all time.
- Bill, Chico, United States, 17.04.2008
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