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In 1999 the American band "Crazy Town" reached a No.1-Hit with the song "Butterfly" in Germany and in the US. But perhaps many people don't know, that the song was already written ten years before. The "Red Hot Chili Peppers" published this song in an instrumental version with the title "Pretty Little Ditty" in 1989. "Crazy Town" only added a text to the melody and the No.1-Hit was ready.
In my opinion the instrumental version is really upgraded with the remake, so my vote goes to "Crazy Town". Nevertheless the song doesn't reflect the true style of "Crazy Town". The rest of the album, which is a mixture of rock, metal and rap, is absolutely awful. "Butterfly" was the only real success.

- Michael Müller, Hamburg, Deutschland, 07.10.2005

Crazy Town


Red Hot Chili Peppers

CD-Cover: Crazy Town - The Gift of Game 22.7 % 77.3 % CD-Cover: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Mother's Milk
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Crazy Town 4295 Votes Red Hot Chili Peppers

Further information about song and bands:

The Red Hot Place Fanpage about the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Lots of lyrics, tabs, pictures and some midis.
Crazy Town
Not much to find about Crazy Town on the net. Here is a short time line of the band including chart positions and albums.

Comments about Butterfly:

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Nobody I talk to ever remembers any of the lyrics for 'Butterfly' (well, except for pieces of the chorus). What they remember is the instrumental part of it. Says a lot to me.
- charlie, california, United States, 25.02.2011
What is it&!&!&Why russian words does not right&???its bad cause i now russian better than english)))) But I can tell such thing Fuck crazy town RHCP will be the best of the best many years!!!!!!!!
- Ilya, Zaporozhe>Ucraine, Other - Europe, 16.02.2011
у перцов тупо сперли музыку эти уроды!!!!!
- Иль&#1, Зап&#1, Other, 16.02.2011
you guys are leaving out Flea's impeccable bass line as well...
- Evan, NYC, United States, 21.09.2010
Putos ladrones de crazy town, porque no buscan su propio estilo??

RHCP the best band ever created
- LeoGB, Bogota, Other - South America, 27.02.2010
Look RHCP are a very good band , and may i say still going today, but crazy town made it a better song, fairenough they used the same guitar peice but they added their lyrics to it and it reached number one in two places, so really aswell as getting credit for them selves they got pretty little ditty recognised more. So for you lot who wanna suck RHCP knobs(me included XD) god give a bit to crazy town, they did get a number one. and clill out. it was over 10 years ago now.
- hayzawl, rayleigh ss68sy, England, 16.01.2010
crazy town are gerbil felching cock munching sickening child sniffing willy dribblers
- louiedovey, brighton, England, 06.01.2010
I love RHCP! It is messed up that Crazy Town would sample Pretty Little Ditty. Most people that liked Crazy Towns version liked the guitar not the lyrics. What does that tell you. RHCP is awesome!
- Tasha, Las Vegas, United States, 01.12.2009
the rhcp r the best band ever..!!! crazy town can go suck a big fat nasty dick and create their own shit and stop feeding off of bands that actually care abt their music and arnt just trying to get a hit....rhcp rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- michael, spartanburg sc, United States, 15.11.2009
I don't really like the song 'Butterfly'. Crazy Town chose a soft opton. Red Hot Chili Peppers made their instrumental introduction and it was the mainstay of 'Butterfly'...
Fuck them and listen RHCP!!
- Asia, OSW, Poland, 30.09.2009
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