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You're No Good

Apples and oranges really. Van Halen rips this one.

- Donnie, MD, United States, 22.12.2006

Van Halen


Linda Ronstadt

CD-Cover: Van Halen - Van Halen II 47.7 % 52.3 % CD-Cover: Linda Ronstadt - Heart Like A Wheel
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Comments about You're No Good:

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Linda rules this version
- donald King, picton, Canada, 25.01.2011
No one can even touch Linda Ronstadt on this song. She may as well have written it herself as it is all hers. All of her covers usually "best" the original.
- Rob W, Tempe, United States, 24.01.2011
Linda Rondstadt had an incredible voice. Too bad she got her legacy tied up with the whacky Jerry Brown. This was not one of my favorite songs of hers, but this VH album also ushered in the era of "David Lee Roth Overkill" in what should have become a great band (first VH album was one of the greatest of all time.)
- CMU Chippewa, Mt Pleasant, MI, United States, 24.11.2010
Linda Ronstadt is one of the greatest vocalists of all time, comparable to even the greatest Jazz singers such as Sarah Vaughn or Billie Holiday.

Van Halen were never more than an overrated bar band. Without Eddie Van Halen's histrionics they would be history.
- K9, Earth, Other, 29.01.2010
Personally for a heavy rock act I thought Van Halen handled the song well, with the harmonies in all the right places.
The best song on this album though is the one that follows: "Dance the night away". One of the few VH songs where Eddie lets the song stand on it's on merits without any of his trademark lead work and this particular song is all the better for it!
- Mark Doughty, London, England, 18.04.2008
I'm a big fan of Van Halen, but they butchered this song. I couldn't even listen to it all.
- GH, Charlottesville, United States, 31.12.2007
Linda nailed this song! Her version was actually a remake, as a fairly obscure R&B singer had a minor hit with it in the early '60s, but no one even remembers this now, because Ronstadt reinvented the song.
- Mark, Boston, United States, 11.10.2007
I'm a big VH fan, but Linda made this one 'her own' a long time ago.
- john, edgar, United States, 15.01.2007
I'm a big VH fan, but Linda made this one 'her own' a long time ago.
- john, edgar, United States, 15.01.2007
ha ha ha - thats f**ked it
- ed209, London, England, 08.01.2007
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