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I like the version by Mary & Bono very much, becuase Mary's voice gives the song a new special touch. However, it is a fact that this song is just one of the best songs ever, no matter in which version. The song is excellent.

- Julian, Krefeld, Deutschland, 22.12.2006

Mary J. Blige feat. U2



CD-Cover: Mary J. Blige feat. U2 - The Breakthrough 27.2 % 72.8 % CD-Cover: U2 - Achtung Baby
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Mary J. Blige feat. U2 991 Votes U2

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Too much shouting in new version... you can't relax listening the beautiful melody behind like the original...
- Pepo, Parana, Argentina, 29.11.2007
I don't know what to say... First version was sooo good, but with voice of Mary J. it's perfect. So, I'll vote for new version. Greets from Serbia 4 you all!
- Milosh, Pozarevac, Serbia, 31.08.2007
It's a good re-take, but it jazzed up what is, after all, an achingly beautiful song, so the new version has kind of betrayed the original's true meaning, I feel. And I agree with Patrick, the Johnny Cash version is excellent, more true to the character of the song.
- Richie, Cork, Ireland, 14.08.2007
The version Warren Haynes did is better than both!!!
- Badphish419, Atlanta, United States, 21.02.2007
The original is the original
- BroadName, Quito, Chile, 18.01.2007
man, i hate all those "soulfull" singers who replace 1 note with about every note in that key
- Rob, Melbourne, Australia, 10.01.2007
I can't believe this is the comparison! How about R.E.M.'s impressive cover? Or Johnny Cash? His cover on American III is lights out. Hell, between the 4 American albums he put out before his death, he's got the best cover, if not the best version (Personal Jesus) of at least a dozen songs. Mary J Blige is a descent singer, but if the original band is involved, HOW IS IT A COVER?
- Patrick, Boston, United States, 08.01.2007
Mary j blidge has a good voice... but she still shouldn't be allowed to sing...
- Zyx, Voorschoten, Netherlands, 25.12.2006
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