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Cannot get this arrangement out of my head. Makes me want to play the cello naked in the shower, all the time man!

- Joe Gain, Utrecht motha motha', Netherlands, 10.04.2007



Hüsker Dü

CD-Cover: Therapy? - Infernal Love 50 % 50 % CD-Cover: Hüsker Dü - Metal Circus
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Therapy? 622 Votes Hüsker Dü

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Therapy? version is garbage. Uninspired trash. It sounds like a big joke compared to the original.
- Siriustar, Pittsburgh, United States, 12.10.2010
Need to give Hüsker Dü all hte credit for this amazing track. Anyway, thanks, Therapy?, for reviving it.
- Tadej, Izola, Other - Europe, 02.05.2010
Therapy? Are you serious? Husker Du wins hands down.
- Rocky, Melbourne, Australia, 08.12.2009
It's impossible to make a better version of a "Hüsker Dü" song.
- Nepjoe, Antwerp, Belgium, 02.10.2009
It's impossible to make a better version of a "Hüsker Dü" song.
- Nepjoe, Antwerp, Belgium, 02.10.2009
the therapy version is ok, but I still prefer the original. the sound it has is so cool. plus therapy´s cover is a bit too long and dramatic. but its nice they covered the huskers anyway.
- Jorge, Madrid, Spain, 04.06.2008
It was 1997, when I heard this song at first time.
I was was fishing at a wonderfull lake with four friends.
It is the best song I`ve ever heard in my life.
Therapy is my favourit band since that holiday.
My English is not so well .
Have a nice time Robert

- Robert, Berlin, United States, 30.05.2008
How is Hüsker Dü only barely winning this one?
- Shrinertim, Omaha, United States, 09.03.2008
I think the version of Therapy is amazing!! To comment on someone from Houston: I think it's a very dramatic lyrics that asks for a dramatic melody too, I love this song!!!! But I don't like the Husker du version!
- Charlotte, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium, 17.02.2008
I really like the original Hüsker Dü version because it doesn't dramatize the story, the sound sort of displays the person giving their point of view as your normal/average person, and still sounding like it belongs to the story too.
- Someone...., Houston, United States, 17.02.2008
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