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It was hard enough finding Trust albums on Amazon, and when I did it didn't have a preview, not that the preview does the Anthrax version the smallest bit of justice anyway. I prefer Anthrax.

- David Colebrook, Edinburgh, Scotland, 10.04.2007




CD-Cover: Anthrax - State of Euphoria 46.5 % 53.5 % CD-Cover: Trust - Repression
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Comments about Antisocial:

I would agree with most of the previous comment...I prefer the Trust version because the french lyrics sound definitely better though I think the guitar sounds a bit dated...maybe this song need a new cover...what do you think?
- Philippe, London, England, 06.10.2010
I was 13 when "antisocial" hit the airwaves in France and my brother had already bought the record. Kids like me sang the tune all day long at school. In the early 80's Trust had the same popularity as AC/DC here in France. In fact, the two bands were inseparable in our minds. When Anthrax did the cover, I loved it immediately. This song needed to be known worldwide. Anthrax did it. Thanks Anthrax.
- Erwan, Rennes, France, 04.07.2010
Anthrax? Give me a fucking break, the Trust original kills
- doug, SF, United States, 16.01.2010
Trust is better. I think so, guitar is more agressive.
The lyrics are maybe in french but they are so powerful.
- BlackRosie, Nancy, France, 07.04.2009
Argh Anthrax sounds like a bad parody. "You're anti ... antisocial" Poor translation.. Definitely Trust for me
- Prot, Mons, Belgium, 08.10.2008
Trust was THE French metal band back in the 80s. Actually they were the inventors of French metal! I prefer Trust's version because of their politically/socially angry lyrics and Nono's guitar work sounds more aggressive. Both versions are good though.
- DannyBoy, Paris, France, 07.03.2008
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