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Home Sweet Home

Limp Bizkit totaly destroyed one of the all time greatest rock ballads. Shame On You Fred Durst!

- Guy, Gloucester, England, 10.04.2007

Limp Bizkit


Motley Crue

CD-Cover: Limp Bizkit - Greatest Hitz 41.5 % 58.5 % CD-Cover: Motley Crue - Theater Of Pain
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Limp Bizkit 622 Votes Motley Crue

Comments about Home Sweet Home:

This is a beautiful song. I really believe that Limp Bizkit made this song excellent by combining the two earlier ones. It is a classic definitely.
- Nair, Sujit, Mumbai, India, 02.06.2010
Seriously. Crue made power ballads with his song. Sure they seem out dated now, but hey had a big impact on hard rock in the 80s. Limp Bizkit sucks anyway.
- Lash, ??????, United States, 18.07.2008
Are you fucking kidding me?????????? Limp Dick oh I mean Bizkit ruins everything they touch. Crue all the way
- Smitty, Gresham, United States, 14.05.2008
Limp Bizkit, This just isnt a crue song. I like the crue but limp bizkit made this song better
- odee, Elyria, Ohio, United States, 04.04.2008
aaa como se atreven a dsgraciar
semejante cancion =(
dios ste mundoo kada via
va de mal en peoor
destrozaron la cancionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
malditos =(
- Kelly Crue, Crueland, Mexico, 09.01.2008
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