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I Love Rock n Roll

Who wrote "I Love Rock n Roll"? - Joan Jett, of course.
A dialogue like that you can hear quite often. Unfortuantely it's not correct. Joan Jett had a big success with this song (7 weeks No.1 in the US), but she has not written the song. The Arrows, a British Rockband out of the 70s, already published "I Love Rock n Roll" in 1975 - but only as B-Side of a Single. Nevertheless, both versions don't differ very much in the music. Joan Jett just changed the lyrics, so that the text fits better to her female voice. So it is quite amazing that The Arrows didn't have more success with this great song.
I like the version by The Arrows and because I'm always rather on the side of forgotten originals, I vote for The Arrows.

- Michael Müller, Hamburg, Deutschland, 09.10.2005

Joan Jett


The Arrows

CD-Cover: Joan Jett - I Love Rock'N'Roll 47 % 53 % CD-Cover: The Arrows - The Singles Collection...Plus
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Joan Jett 1484 Votes The Arrows

Further information about song and bands:

I Love Rock n Roll Splendid Magazine reviews the song and The Arrows. A whole page dedicated to the song you can find here.
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Comments about I Love Rock n Roll:

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I prefer the lead vocal on The Arrows version but I really like the lead guitar on Joan Jett's version by Mr. Ricky Byrd. So I like both versions! It is a great song.
- Akira, Yokohama, Japan, 26.08.2010
arrows version is way better they wrote it they own it! :)
- Betty, New York, United States, 24.08.2010
I love the voice of Joan Jett.
I love the guitar sound of the Arrows.
The arrows have created the song, i vote for their :)!
- Romain, Aubepierre, France, 29.06.2010
The Arrows Offical website has moved. The link you list above no longer works due to Yahoo Geocities closing their websites. The new site url is:
- Barbara, Manchester UK, England, 29.10.2009
Arrows own the song but jett made it known to the world. She made it known t the world. Thanx t the arrows for rocking but thank god for Joan jett
- katy, Tulsa, United States, 11.03.2008
Arrows own the song. Jett just borrowed it.
- Nena, London, England, 27.11.2006
Joan Jett rox !
- Kika, Geneva, Switzerland, 22.08.2006
Joan Jett, all the way. Needed the CRUNCH!!!
- M. Johnson, London, Canada, 05.07.2006
Joan Jett, all the way. Needed the CRUCH!!!
- M. Johnson, London, Canada, 05.07.2006
FA! BO! momomo mo-mo.
- fadsfdsaf, st augustine, United States, 11.05.2006
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