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Stone Cold Crazy

Metallica covered Queen on their pure cover-cd, the 2nd CD of Garage Inc. With this album they wanted to pay tribute to the heros of their youth. Stone Cold Crazy sounds very similar to the original, but in my opinion noone can reach the distinctive voice of Freddy Mercury. But you decide!

- ichbrenne, Anröchte, Deutschland, 16.04.2007




CD-Cover: Metallica - Garage Inc. 40.8 % 59.2 % CD-Cover: Queen - Sheer Heart Attack
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Comments about Stone Cold Crazy:

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both were and are american rock icons there is no need to compare them cause that my friends is an insult to both of them
- billy snow, fort worth, United States, 16.02.2011
I'm a big fan of both, but i prefer the metallica version
- Filipe, Lisbon, Portugal, 18.01.2011
I Love Both Bands But I Have To Say Queen
- Joe Daniels, Kingston Upon Hull, England, 15.09.2010
Metallica is not a real great band (hits, originality, voices, technique, importance, style...). Queen was, and still is so. Don´t compare
- EDU, Madrid, Spain, 17.07.2010
queen is the best band of the world,and Metallica is a son comparated with queen.
- alejandro, miami, United States, 09.05.2010
Omg.. Queen is one of legandary bands(beatles,led zeppelin,rolling stones....)

if metallica wants cover a Queen song please cover bohemian rhapsody for the see how to suckin
- idiotmetallica, aplacewhereisnometallica, Other, 26.08.2009
queen is gay. metallica is awesome. that is all i have to say.
- ????????????, LA, United States, 24.06.2009
As a massive fan of both bands it's very difficult to pick one of the two versions; in fact the contest is so close that the only way I could decide would be to flip a coin :)
- Giuseppe, Bucharest, Romania, 10.11.2008
I don't see much sense in comparing an original to a cover. Without the previous there would no be the latter. However, it is reasonable to judge them independently. The original song is so perfect that the only thing Metallica had to do with it is to make it a little bit more heavy with the impressive drumming during the vocal parts of the song. They realized that by making it sound like a heavy bombardment the song would become just as intens in the late nineties as it was in the early and mid seventies. So congratulations for both!
- gugesz, Budapest, Hungary, 27.09.2008
Queen is Queen.. No one can cover one! Besides i like Metallica, James is miles away from Kirk from May.
- LastHorizon, Porto, Portugal, 29.07.2008
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