Cover vs. Original

All The Young Dudes

Both rule, but I just about prefer the more up tempo version.

- Cuthbert, Mobile, AL, United States, 16.04.2007

The F-Ups


Mott The Hoople

CD-Cover: The F-Ups - The F-Ups 38.3 % 61.7 % CD-Cover: Mott The Hoople - All the Young Dudes
Results of the voting: Cover versus Original
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The F-Ups 386 Votes Mott The Hoople

Comments about All The Young Dudes:

Bowie actually gave the song to Mott, 'cos they were buddies and he was already doing so well from his other material, so it's legitimate to call their version the original. Out of the two bands cited in this contest, they win hands-down.
- Mark, Horsham, England, 27.10.2008
Come on, the F-Ups ruined it!
- FranK, Montreal, Canada, 16.10.2008
I don't think Mott's version can be considered an original even though it might have chronologically preceded Bowie's own recording. Bowie wrote the song, therefore, the original is his. Somebody please add a new comparison.
- Alex, Seattle, United States, 23.06.2008
isnt this a david bowie song???
- lorcan, dublin, Iraq, 18.12.2007
No-one can surpass Mott The Hoople's version (including David Bowie, who wrote it). As I write this the votes are 85/15 in favour of Mott; frankly I'm surprised The F-Ups got that many votes!
- Shadesman, Cumbria, England, 05.10.2007
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